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Another Day...

Another Memory.

character name: Jim Halpert
character journal: I’ll cook one up if I’m accepted.
character age/grade: 20, Doesn't go to school.
personality: Sweet, Cheerful, Happy-go-lucky, Michievious, Troublemaker, Enjoys causing other people torment, twisted sense of humor.
history: Jim is probably the worlds one and only Happy Hunter. He lives for the thrill of hunting. Not because someone in his past got killed by a witch, no. No. He just loves hunting. His absolute favorite thing to do is switch from side to side. He goes over makes friends with hunters and then befriends witches too. He's killed both hunters and witches in his work. And yet not once has anything really fazed him. He works at an office in the middle of town, a half hour away from Spencers and tends to keep a lookout for anything suspicious. After all, Ipswich is just steaming with good old witchyVSHunter energy right!?
first person sample: I've been bugging the living crap out of Dwight, my cubicle neighbor. He keeps getting pissed at me for setting my pens up, "You'll make me fall on them and I'll get put in a coma." Ha! I just crossed my fingers. Here's hopeing, Right?

third person sample: Jim laughed allowed at the look on the hunter's face. They'd thought he was on thier side. Now that was just ridiculous. Jim Halpert on someone's side. Riiiight. No way. Jim was on his side. His. It kept the game going and more interesting. Sides. Bleh.